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“You’re made well”: Shoe designer Fluevog on being a #creativedyslexic

“You’re made well. You’re made correctly. There’s been no mistake. Just believe it.” ~John Fluevog […]

We remember

This is the day we remember. We remember all the men and women who served […]

ADHD? Dyslexia? Anxiety? Hey, who don’t got hang ups?

“Loving yourself” has a become a bit of a meme, hasn’t it? Something you find in the self-help aisle of the book store. But this is different. This generation is empowered with knowledge in a way mine never was.

Paul Dewar: Great Canadian Dyslexic

As a child, Paul Dewar sometimes felt like an outsider, but his experience with dyslexia ultimately helped him to become an effective advocate for others. And for a decade, he served as as one of Canada’s most respected MPs.