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Early internvention and evidence-based reading instruction

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Brain differences in dyslexia

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Ask an expert: What do we know about what’s different in the brain of a person with dyslexia? (Dr. Guinevere Eden)

Opinion: We need to be more open about our conditions or nothing will change, Peter Kyle, Labour MSP for Edinburgh Southern, The Herald, Nov. 3, 2019


Ask an Expert: What can we do to combat the stigma of dyslexia? John Gabrieli Ph.D., a neuroscientist at MIT: “If we can make it less mysterious…if we can make it very objective and scientific I’m hoping we can drive away the stigma, and just say it’s another element of human diversity and one happily that we can support so that the rest of that child’s promise fully flowers in that child.”

Dyslexia news from Canada

When your kid is diagnosed with dyslexia (, Today’s Parent, Oct. 2019)

2019 Right to Read inquiry:

Video of the announcement (Oct. 3, 2019)

Background materials – OHRC

Reading inquiry launched (CTV Barrie)

Human rights commission launches public inquiry into reading levels in Ontario (Canadian Press/Globe and Mail, October 2019)

Human rights commission launches public inquiry into reading levels in Ontario

Inquiry into EQAO results begins (Drydon Now, Oct. 2019)

Human rights commission launches public inquiry into reading levels in Ontario (SooToday, Oct. 2019)


““I had two parents who were in the school system—a teacher and a principal—who would advocate and support me at home,” he said. Children with dyslexia can benefit from private testing and tutoring, but not all parents have the financial resources to pay for it, he said. Clifford gets frustrated when he thinks about the children living with dyslexia “who don’t have the kind of luck at birth that I had.” Clifford said there is a genetic link to dyslexia. His brother, who owns a software startup in Vancouver, also lives with the learning disability. His mother and grandfather are dyslexic as well.”

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