Your question: Which of the following does not agree with chromosomal theory of inheritance?

Which of the following supports the chromosomal theory of inheritance?

The Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance was consistent with Mendel’s laws and was supported by the following observations: During meiosis, homologous chromosome pairs migrate as discrete structures that are independent of other chromosome pairs.

Who describe the chromosomal theory of inheritance?

1: Sutton and Boveri: (a) Walter Sutton and (b) Theodor Boveri are credited with developing the Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance, which states that chromosomes carry the unit of heredity (genes).

Who proposed the chromosome theory of inheritance list the main points of this theory?

Two scientists Walter Sutton & Theodore Boveri (Sutton and Boveri) independently proposed the theory of chromosomal inheritance stating that inherited traits are controlled by genes on the chromosomes or they are the vehicles of heredity.

What is extra chromosomal inheritance?

Extra chromosomal inheritance is also defined as non mendelian inheritance. Inheritance due to genes located in cytoplasm are plasmagenes. The genes are located in DNA present in mitochondria and in chloroplasts these are called organellar genes. This type of inheritance is also called as cytoplasmic inheritance.

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Which of the following laws violates the chromosome theory of inheritance?

Q5: The chromosomal theory of inheritance violates which of the following laws? Explanation: The chromosomal theory of inheritance violated none of Mendel’s laws as the only difference was the genes being present in the chromosome, other than that the laws are as they were.

Which of the following is the meaning of the chromosome theory of inheritance is expressed in the early 20th century?

Which of the following statements describes the chromosome theory of inheritance as expressed in the early twentieth century? Mendelian genes are at specific loci on the chromosome and in turn segregate during meiosis. You just studied 58 terms!

Which of the following may not be applicable for linked genes?

law of independent assortment is the Mendelian law may not be applicable for the linked genes of the same chromosomes.