Your question: What are chromatids held together by?

What holds the chromatids together?

what is a centromere? the middle part of a chromosome that holds the sister chromatids together.

What holds the chromatids together quizlet?

Structures called spindle fibers form a bridge between the ends of the cell. The nuclear membrane breaks down. Part two of mitosis; The chromosomes line up across the center of the cell. Each chromosome attaches to a spindle fiber at its centromere, which still holds the chromatids together.

Are chromatids held together by Centrioles?

The correct answer is d) Centromere.

Which protein holds the sister chromatids together quizlet?

Terms in this set (39) Haploid (?) a protein complex that triggers anaphase; it initiates a series of reactions that ultimately degrades cohesin, the protein complex that holds the sister chromatids together.

What protein is responsible for holding sister chromatids together?

In cell division, after replication of the cell’s chromosomes, the two copies, called sister chromatids, must be kept together to ensure that each daughter cell receives an equal complement of chromosomes. The protein complex cohesin keeps the sister chromatids together, but how it interacts with the DNA was unknown.

What protein is responsible for holding sister chromatids together at the centromere?

During DNA duplication in the S phase, each chromosome is replicated to produce two identical copies, called sister chromatids, that are held together at the centromere by cohesin proteins. Cohesin holds the chromatids together until anaphase II.

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What do centrioles pull apart?

During cell division, centrioles can control spindle fiber formation. This is when a mitotic spindle or spindle apparatus forms. It looks like groups of thread coming out of the centrioles. The spindle is able to pull apart the chromosomes and separate them.