Your question: What alleles does a yellow seed have?

What are the alleles for a purebred yellow seed?

Each form is called an allele. If we suppose that a pure-bred green seed plant has two “green” alleles (y) and the pure-bred yellow seed plant has two “yellow” alleles (Y), we can diagram these plants like this.

Which alleles does a yellow pod have?

The yellow pod contained recessive alleles (g).

Is yellow a genotype?

The genotypes of yellow offspring are GG and Gg. Here, G represent the dominant yellow color & g represents a recessive green color. GG is a dominant homozygous condition of yellow offsprings & Gg a dominant heterozygous condition of yellow offsprings.

What is the yellow seed genotype?

Seed color is governed by a single gene with two alleles. The yellow-seed allele is dominant and the green-seed allele is recessive. … The genotype is often written as YY or yy, for which each letter represents one of the two alleles in the genotype.

What did Mendel find when he crossed purebred yellow seeds with purebred green seeds?

The yellow allele is dominant to the green allele. A purebred plant that produces yellow seeds is crossed with a purebred plant that produces green seeds. … Mendel crossed purebred purple-flowered plant with purebred white-flowered plants, and all of the resulting offspring produced purple flowers.

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Is yellow pod recessive?

For pod color, there are two traits – green and yellow. Green pod color is dominant and yellow is recessive. The shape of the pod has two traits – inflated and constricted.

What is the genotype of the heterozygous plant?

The genotype of the heterozygous plant is Aa.

What is the probability of having offspring that is heterozygous for yellow seeds?

25% of seeds are homozygous YELLOW, 50% are heterozygous, and 25% are homozygous green. This is a 1:2:1 genotypic ratio.

What is the genotype of the heterozygote?

The presence of two different alleles at a particular gene locus. A heterozygous genotype may include one normal allele and one mutated allele or two different mutated alleles (compound heterozygote).