Your question: How many chromosomes would a mouse cell have after mitosis?

How many chromosomes would each daughter cell have after mitosis in mice?

At the end of mitosis, the two daughter cells will be exact copies of the original cell. Each daughter cell will have 30 chromosomes.

How many chromosomes are there in mouse?

Mice have 20 chromosomes in their haploid genome (thus 40 chromosomes in all). The haploid genome is about 3 picograms, similar to humans. The gene order of the genomes of mice and humans are conserved (synteny) although there are rearrangements, several per chromosome.

How many cells does a mouse have?

SO, all together, there are around 6.5 million cells (a bit less) in a mouse retina.

How many chromosomes will each daughter cell have after meiosis?

By the end of meiosis, the resulting reproductive cells, or gametes, each have 23 genetically unique chromosomes. The overall process of meiosis produces four daughter cells from one single parent cell. Each daughter cell is haploid, because it has half the number of chromosomes as the original parent cell.

What chromosome combinations are possible in daughter cells after mitosis?

a) There is only one combination of chromosomes in the daughter cells following mitosis because they (the daughter cells) contain all the homologous chromosomes of the original ‘mother’ cell.

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