You asked: Would a tissue sample with normal cell growth or cancerous cell growth have a higher mitotic index?

Does normal tissue or cancerous tissue have a higher mitotic index?

Which type of tissue would have a higher mitotic index, normal tissue or cancerous tissue? Cancerous tissue would have a higher mitotic index because the cells are constantly dividing.

Do cancerous cells have a higher mitotic index than normal cells?

In cancer cells, the mitotic index may be elevated compared to normal growth of tissues or cellular repair of the site of an injury.

What is different about the daughter cells in normal cell growth vs cancerous cell growth?

Cancer cells can divide without receiving the ‘all clear’ signal. While normal cells will stop division in the presence of genetic (DNA) damage, cancer cells will continue to divide. The results of this are ‘daughter’ cells that contain abnormal DNA or even abnormal numbers of chromosomes.

Which tissue has the highest rate of mitosis?

Skin cells, hair follicles and the cells lining our intestines (epithelial cells) all have high rates of mitosis as these tissues constantly need to be replaced. In plants growth occurs largely at the shoot and root tips. These cells have much higher rates of mitosis than the rest of the plant.

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What is considered a high mitotic index?

The mitotic thresholds, as suggested by Perry and coworkers,3 were adopted by the WHO as an objective grading criterion: benign (WHO grade I) menin- giomas do not exceed 4 mitoses per 10 HPF, atypical (WHO grade II) meningiomas exhibit an MI of 4 or more and fewer than 20, and anaplastic (WHO grade III) meningiomas …

What is the connection between the mitotic index and how often a cell divides quizlet?

Which tissue would have a higher mitotic index, normal cells or cancer cells? (Mitotic index is the ratio of dividing cells to the total number of cells in the tissue.) The cancerous cells would have a higher mitotic index, as they divide more rapidly, causing the dividing ratio of the cell cycle to be higher.

Which of the following genes in normal cells can be related to cancerous growth?

Two of the main types of genes that play a role in cancer are oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.