You asked: When was the word meiosis first used?

Where did the word meiosis originate?

As with so many scientific terms, the word meiosis comes from the Greek, in this case meíōsis, which means “a lessening.” This idea makes sense, as meiosis creates cells with half the chromosomes than the original.

Who coined the terms mitosis and meiosis?

The terms Mitosis and Meiosis are coined by Fleming and Farmer and Moore, respectively. Mitosis was first observed in Strasburger (1875) and W. fleming (1879) in animal cells, while Fleming was given the term mitosis (1882).

What is meant by word meiosis?

Medical Definition of meiosis

: the cellular process that results in the number of chromosomes in gamete-producing cells being reduced to one half and that involves a reduction division in which one of each pair of homologous chromosomes passes to each daughter cell and a mitotic division — compare mitosis sense 1.

How was meiosis discovered?

Meiosis was discovered and described for the first time in sea urchin eggs in 1876, by noted German biologist Oscar Hertwig (1849-1922). It was described again in 1883, at the level of chromosomes, by Belgian zoologist Edouard Van Beneden (1846-1910), in Ascaris worms’ eggs.

What was Sutton trying to understand?

In 1903, Walter Sutton, an American geneticist, was studying the cells of grasshoppers. He wanted to understand how sex cells (sperm and egg) form.

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When was mitosis first discovered?

Walter Flemming described chromosome behavior during animal cell division. Flemming was one of the first cytologists and the first to detail how chromosomes move during mitosis, or cell division.

What is Walther Flemming famous for?

Walther Flemming was a pioneer of cytogenetics, a field of science that analyses structures and processes in the cell nucleus under a microscope. He was the first person to conduct a systematic study of chromosomes during division and called this process mitosis.