You asked: What are the components made up of chromosomes?

What are the two main components of chromosomes?

The main components of chromosomes are DNA and proteins.

What were believed to be the 2 chemical components of a chromosome?

What are the two chemical components of chromosomes? DNA and proteins. Why did researchers originally think that protein was the genetic material? Proteins had specific functions with great heterogeneity.

What are the components of chromosomes Brainly?

Answer: The components of Chromosomes are DNA, RNA and Proteins.

What are the components of chromosome class 10th?

Chromosomes consist of DNA, histone proteins, non-histone proteins, metallic ions and also some RNA. Chromosomes are called so because they readily absorb certain basic dye stains and can be visualised as dark stained material.

Where and how chromosomes are formed?

During cell division the chromosomes are formed inside the nucleus of the cell.  Explanation: During cell division the chromatics which are present in the cell are converted into rod like structures known as chromosome.

How does DNA become a chromosome?

As shown in the animation, a DNA molecule wraps around histone proteins to form tight loops called nucleosomes. These nucleosomes coil and stack together to form fibers called chromatin. Chromatin, in turn, loops and folds with the help of additional proteins to form chromosomes.

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How are chromosomes formed from chromatin?

The cellular DNA is replicated during interphase, resulting in the formation of two copies of each chromosome prior to the beginning of mitosis. As the cell enters mitosis, chromatin condensation leads to the formation of metaphase chromosomes consisting of two identical sister chromatids.