You asked: Does Spirogyra have flagellated male gametes?

Is Spirogyra flagellated or non-flagellated?

In Spirogyra, the gametes are similar in size (isogamy) and non- flagellated (non-motile).

Does Spirogyra produce motile male gametes?

In Spirogyra, gametes are non-motile and sexual reproduction takes place by conjugation. ( Sargassum belongs to Phaeophyceae group of algae. They are commonly called as ‘brown algae’ and contain photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll a and c.

Does Funaria have flagellated male gametes?

Flagellated male gametes are present in all the three of which one of the following sets’ Flagellat… Which set contains flagellated male gametes .. [ CBSE 2007] a) Spirogyra, Anthoceros and Funaria b)…

In which algae flagellated Isogametes are found?

Isogametes are found in algae like Ulothrix, Chlamydomonas, Spirogyra etc., which are similar in structure, function and behaviour.

Which set contains flagellated male gametes?

Pteris , Anthoceros and Funaria.

Is Volvox flagellated?

Volvox rousseletii is a multicellular spheroidal green alga containing ∼5,000 cells, each equipped with two flagella (cilia).

What is the shape of chloroplast in spirogyra?

Spirogyra has thin and flat ribbon-shaped chloroplasts. These chloroplasts are spirally coiled in the structure.

Does spirogyra have motility?

Spirogyra and Closterium exhibit active motility. This motility is associated with the secretion of pectic mucilage from the cells. The gliding of these cells is not directed toward light but photosynthesis is the energy source for it. … Spirogyra filaments when undisturbed grow to form thick multistranded rings.

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Which plants produce non-motile male gametes?

The male and female gametes are produced by flowers. Flowers mainly have petals, sepals, stamen, and pistil. Stamen is the male reproductive part and has anther and filament. The anther produces and stores the pollen which is the male gamete and is non-motile.

Which algae has non-motile gametes?

Option B Red algae: Naturally red algae or Rhodophyceae have a thick and gelatinous cell wall. They lack flagella. The hormogonia of some species are able to move by gliding along surfaces. But, they are characterized by the absence of motile spores or gametes.