Why the Whitefish Blastula and onion root tips are selected for a study of mitosis?

Why is the onion root a good specimen for studying mitosis?

why is the onion root a good specimen for studying mitosis? Cells of the onion are growing so it is easy to find cells in various stages of mitosis.

Why would onion root tips be a good choice for cells to be observe mitosis in lab?

The root tip of a plant contains actively dividing cells, making root tips excellent observation points for mitosis. Each plant cell is surrounded by a cell wall, making the identification of cells easy. Also, the cells near the root tip are highly organized into concentric layers, making them easy to see and count. 3.

Why would cells from a blastula be ideal to examine mitosis?

Whitefish blastula:

The developing embryo of any organism is a good tissue to examine for mitosis, since cells must divide at a high rate to transform a fertilized egg (single cell) into the trillions of cells of a viable organism.

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Why is a root tip a good location to study mitosis?

Onion root tips are commonly used to study mitosis. They are sites of rapid growth, so the cells are dividing rapidly.

Why are onion root tips a good choice for viewing cells in different stages of the cell cycle quizlet?

Why is an onion root tip a good place to look for dividing cells? Rapidly growing part of the onion, indicates many cells will be in different stages of mitosis. How do plant cells differ from animal cells in cell division?

Why is the tip of an onion root a good place to look for dividing cells?

The onion root is also a good place because this is the area where the plant is growing. Remember that when cells divide, each new cell needs an exact copy of the DNA in the parent cell. This is why mitosis is only visible in cells that are dividing, like the whitefish embryo and the onion root tip.

Why would we choose an embryonic mass of cells in which to study the stages of mitosis?

Why would we choose an embryonic mass of cells for studying the stages of mitosis? Embryonic mass cells are in constant division, making it much easier to find good examples of each phase of mitosis.

Why is the whitefish used to study mitosis quizlet?

Explain why whitefish blastula and onion root tip are selected for the study of mitosis. These plants are selected because whitefish blastula and onion root tip have cells that rapidly divide, making it easier to see the different stags of mitosis under a microscope.

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What other cells would be good candidates for seeing mitosis?

Good candidates include, Bacterial cells – If your microscope is big enough you can observe cells dividing by binary fission. You will not however be able to see the chromosomes.