Why do people with Down syndrome have a hard time talking?

Why do Down syndrome people struggle to communicate?

Because of this visual strength, abstract concepts such as grammar, verb tenses, word roots, suffixes and prefixes are more difficult areas. Children with Down syndrome frequently have difficulty with grammar, tenses and word endings and use shorter sentences to communicate.

Does Down syndrome affect the way you talk?

The combined effect of talking in telegraphic utterances and poor pronunciation often makes young people with Down syndrome difficult to understand, especially if they are trying to talk to strangers out in the community rather than to those familiar with them at home or in school (Buckley & Sacks 1987).

What factors influence a person with Down syndrome to communicate?

Factors that can contribute to speech intelligibility problems include: articulation problems with specific sounds, low oral-facial muscle tone, difficulty with sensory processing and oral tactile feedback, use of phonological processes (e.g. leaving off final sounds in words) and difficulties in motor planning for …

How does Down syndrome affect language development?

Most children with Down syndrome seem to have considerably more difficulty in learning the grammar and syntax of the language than with learning lexical items. Most children with Down syndrome show specific productive delays, first in being able to say single words and then in being able to produce sequences of words.

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When can a Down syndrome talk?

Generally, children with Down syndrome have verbally expressed their first words between ages one and four. They’ve connected two words to make a phrase between the ages of two and seven-and-a-half.

What are the behaviors of Down syndrome?

A young child with Down syndrome that presents with persistent oppositional, impulsive, disruptive, irritable, and aggressive behaviors should be considered under a possible mood disorder.

Can a person with Down syndrome live like a normal being?

Most kids with Down syndrome will live a normal life

Although they will experience learning and developmental delays — and possibly health problems — children born with Down syndrome can grow up to be independent.

How can intelligibility impact your communication?

Speech intelligibility can be defined as how clearly a person speaks so that his or her speech is comprehensible to a listener [2]. Reduced speech intelligibility leads to misunderstanding, frustration, and loss of interest by communication partners. As a result, communication decreases or remains at a low level.

Are some people with Down syndrome non verbal?

Many children with Down syndrome develop non-verbal skills, such as gesturing and sign, earlier than they develop verbal communication skills.