Which phase of chromosomes are the shortest and thickest?

In which stage of mitosis the chromosomes are thickest thinnest?

The phase of mitosis in which chromosomes are thickest and shortest is Anaphase .

Which phase is the shortest phase?

Note: The shortest phase of the cell cycle is the Mitotic phase (M phase) and the longest phase of the cell cycle is G-1 phase.

Which cell phase is the shortest?


  • The mitotic phase is usually the shortest part of any cell cycle. …
  • Throughout mitosis, certain checkpoints are essential to the continuation of the process. …
  • There are three main checkpoints in mitosis, and those include the G1/S checkpoint, G2/M, and metaphase/ anaphase checkpoint.

In which phase the chromosome becomes shorter and thicker?

During prophase the nucleoli disappear and the chromatin fibers thicken and shorten to form discrete chromosomes visible with the light microscope. Each replicated chromosome appears as two identical chromatids joined at the centromere.

Which phase is the shortest phase in meiosis?

Hint: The shortest phase is a part of Meiosis I in cell division. It involves the separation of homologous chromosomes, which start moving towards the opposite poles after they are aligned at the equator. Complete answer: The shortest phase of mitosis is Anaphase I.

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Which is the shortest phase in prophase 1?

Leptotene- This is the first stage of prophase I and the shortest phase of prophase I.

  • It the phase of a replicated chromosome condensation.
  • The chromosomes condense and become compact and visible hence making it possible to distinguish between sister chromatids.

Which is the shortest stage in duration Why?

Anaphase is considered the shortest stage of the cell cycle because this stage involves only the separation of sister chromatids and their migration…

Why is telophase the shortest?

Each half of the chromosome moves away from its previously adjoining half as the spindle fibers pull them towards opposite ends of the cell. These separated sister chromatids are referred to as daughter chromosomes. Now the cell is ready to enter telophase. This is the shortest and final phase of mitosis.

Why is cytokinesis the shortest phase?

The shortest phase of the cell cycle is cytokinesis because all the previous stages help prepare the cell to divide, so all the cell has to do is divide and nothing else.