Which of the following events does not occur in prophase II quizlet?

Which does not occur in prophase II?

The absence of homologous pairs in haploid cells is the reason why no further crossing over occurs during prophase II. After crossing over, the tetrads (recombinant chromosome pairs) can be separated. … In prophase II, no crossing over occurs as this must take place between homologous chromosome pairs.

What does not occur in prophase II that occurs in prophase I?

Chromosomes no longer remain in paired condition at the beginning of prophase II and the stage is not eventful, i.e. not subdivided in substages. Each chromosome is with two chromatids, but in prophase II chromosome number is just half of what it was in prophase I. It ends to pave way for metaphase II.

Which event occurs in prophase 2?

During prophase II, chromosomes condense and the nuclear envelope breaks down, if needed. The centrosomes move apart, the spindle forms between them, and the spindle microtubules begin to capture chromosomes.

What event occurs in prophase 2 quizlet?

In prophase II, the nuclear envelope breaks down and the spindle apparatus forms. The chromosomes become arranged on the metaphase plate, much as the chromosomes do in mitosis, and are attached to the now fully formed spindle. You just studied 25 terms!

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Which of the following does not occur during prophase?

E) Homologous pairs of chromosomes align at the metaphase plate does not occur during prophase I of meiosis.

What does not occur in prophase of mitosis?

What event does not occur in prophase of mitosis? The chromosomes are replicated. You just studied 26 terms!

How does prophase I differ from prophase II in meiosis?

In prophase I homologous chromosomes in meiosis pair up and crossing over takes place. In prophase II chromosomes do not pair up as we have only one set of chromosomes, and hence no crossing over.

What is the difference between prophase I and prophase II quizlet?

Prophase 1 is the beginning phase of meiosis while prophase 2 is the beginning phase of prophase 2. There is a long interphase before prophase 1, whereas prophase 2 occurs without an interphase.

What is a prophase II?

Prophase II is the phase that follows after meiosis I, or after interkinesis if present. If interkinesis takes place, the nuclear envelope and the nucleolus disintegrate during prophase II. The chromosomes are condensed. The centrosomes replicate and move towards the opposite poles.

Does crossing over occur in prophase 2?

Crossing over does not occur during prophase II; it only occurs during prophase I. In prophase II, there are still two copies of each gene, but they are on sister chromatids within a single chromosome (rather than homologous chromosomes as in prophase I).

What occurs in metaphase 2 of meiosis?

Metaphase II is the second stage in meiosis II. … The cell is in metaphase II when the chromosomes align themselves along the metaphase plate through the facilitation of the spindle fibers. The spindle fibers are now attached to the two kinetochores contained in the centromere of each chromosome.

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