Which of the following describes the shape and location of prokaryotic chromosomes?

Where is the location of the chromosomes in a prokaryote?

In prokaryotes, the circular chromosome is contained in the cytoplasm in an area called the nucleoid. In contrast, in eukaryotes, all of the cell’s chromosomes are stored inside a structure called the nucleus.

What are the four major shapes of prokaryotic cells?

Prokaryotes come in many different shapes, but the most common shapes are spheres (cocci), rods (bacilli), and helices (spirilla), as shown in Figure below. Other prokaryote shapes include curved rods, long filaments, and even flat squares! Prokaryotic Cell Shape. Three common shapes of bacterial cells.

Why do prokaryotes have different shapes?

Simply put, bacteria with different shapes present different physical features to the outside world, and these features help cells cope with and adapt to external conditions.

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