When heterozygotes express phenotypes of both of the homozygous The pattern of inheritance is called?

When a heterozygote expresses both the homozygous phenotypes at the same time?

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Question Answer
Heterozygote expresses both alleles/both phenotypes. Codominance
Phenotype of the heterozygote is the same as the phenotype of one of the homozygotes. Complete dominance
Genotype does not always produce expected phenotype. Incomplete penetrance

What type of inheritance is when two phenotypes are expressed with a heterozygous genotype?

Complete dominance occurs when the heterozygote phenotype is indistinguishable from that of the homozygous parent.

What is the inheritance pattern called when the heterozygote exhibits the phenotype of both alleles but not as an intermediate form as seen in incomplete dominance?

This pattern of inheritance is described as incomplete dominance, meaning that one of the alleles appears in the phenotype in the heterozygote, but not to the exclusion of the other, which can also be seen. The allele for red flowers is incompletely dominant over the allele for white flowers.

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When both phenotypes are present in the heterozygote showing both traits at once it is known as?

With codominance, a cross between organisms with two different phenotypes produces offspring with a third phenotype in which both of the parental traits appear together.

When both alleles are expressed equally in the phenotype of the heterozygotes?

Codominance occurs when both alleles are expressed equally in the phenotype of the heterozygote. The red and white flower in the figure has codominant alleles for red petals and white petals. Codominance.

What type of inheritance result in which heterozygous state is expressed as a blend of both parents?

Codominance. Codominance is characterized by the equal, distinct, and simultaneous expression of both parents’ different alleles. This pattern differs from the intermediate, blended features seen in incomplete dominance. A classic example of codominance in humans is ABO blood type.

What term describes the inheritance of a trait which in the heterozygote has an intermediate expression between either allele?

Incomplete dominance is the expression of two contrasting alleles such that the individual displays an intermediate phenotype. Codominance is a variation on incomplete dominance in which both alleles for the same characteristic are simultaneously expressed in the heterozygote.

When the heterozygous phenotype is a blend of the two other phenotypes this is called?

In complete dominance, the heterozygous phenotype lies somewhere between the two homozygous phenotypes. Incomplete. A heterozygous individual that exhibits the traits of both parents is an example of codominance.

What do you call it when a heterozygous organism has a phenotype somewhere in between the two homozygous phenotypes red & blue purple?

In incomplete dominance the heterozygous phenotype lies somewhere between the two homozygous phenotypes. What is codominance. when both alleles contribute to the phenotype. This means the phenotypes produced by both alleles are clearly expressed.

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When the phenotype of heterozygotes shows some aspects of both homozygotes this is called?

codominance. when the phenotypes of the heterozygotes shows some aspects of both homozygotes.