When a male gamete fuses with two polar nuclei it forms a cell?

When one male gamete fuses with polar nucleus the result is formed?

One of the male gamete fuses with the egg cell which in turn forms a zygote. The zygote develops into an embryo. The second male gamete fuses with the two polar nuclei which results in the formation of endosperm.

What is the term used for the fusion of the male gamete and polar nuclei?

A zygote is a eukaryotic cell formed by a fertilisation event between two gametes. Primary endosperm nucleus is the nucleus formed by the fusion of one sperm nucleus and two polar nuclei.

What is called double fertilization?

: fertilization characteristic of seed plants in which one sperm nucleus fuses with the egg nucleus to form an embryo and another fuses with polar nuclei to form endosperm.

What happens when the male gamete fuses with the female?

male gamete fuses with a female gamete to produce the zygote. This fusion is probably the result of a definite chemical attraction, and in some cases the chemical nature of the attracting substance would appear to have been identified.

Which of the following is formed when second male gamete unites with two polar nuclei?

Second male gamete joins with two polar cores to shape Endosperm.

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What is triple fusion?

: the fusion involving two polar nuclei and a sperm nucleus that occurs in double fertilization in a seed plant and results in the formation of the endosperm.

What triple fusion involves?

Triple Fusion is a process involved in the sexual reproduction of angiosperms. This process involves a sperm nucleus and two polar nuclei, which occurs in the double fertilization in a seed-bearing plant that results in the endosperm formation. The fusion process occurs in the embryo sac of the angiosperms.