What type of cell in your body has the fastest rate of mitosis?

What cells divide the fastest in the human body?

Basal cells divide faster than needed to replenish the cells being shed, and with each division both of the two newly formed cells will often retain the capacity to divide, leading to an increased number of dividing cells.

Where in the body does mitosis occur most rapidly?

When Mitosis Occurs Most Rapidly

This means, in humans, the fastest rate of mitosis happens in the zygote, embryo and infant stage. A high rate of mitosis is required to grow and repair tissue, such as in human lymph nodes and bone marrow.

Which cells divide the most frequently?

While there are a few cells in the body that do not undergo cell division (such as gametes, red blood cells, most neurons, and some muscle cells), most somatic cells divide regularly.

Which cells reproduce the fastest?

Terms in this set (12)

  • epithelial cells. are in the skin; fastest to reproduce.
  • connective cells. the second fastest at reproducing cells; ex. …
  • nerve cells. reproduce the slowest; rarely reproduce.
  • muscles cells. reproduce the second slowest.
  • gene. segment of DNA coding for a protein or RNA.
  • Chromosome. …
  • histone. …
  • histone core.

What parts of the body undergo rapid mitosis?

For example bone marrow which is responsible for blood cell production is an area in the body where rapid mitosis occurs. Skin cells, hair follicles and the cells lining our intestines (epithelial cells) all have high rates of mitosis as these tissues constantly need to be replaced.

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Where does mitosis usually occur?

Mitosis occurs in every cell of the body except in germ cells which are produced from meiotic cell division.