What represents homozygous genotypes?

Is TT a homozygous genotype?

The genotype is represented by letter combinations, such as TT , Tt , and tt . When an organism has two of the same alleles for a specific gene, it is homozygous (homo- means “same”) for that gene. An organism can be either homozygous dominant ( TT ) or homozygous recessive ( tt ). … The genotype expresses the phenotype.

Is HH genotype homozygous?

Dominant alleles are written as a capital letter (H), and recessive alleles as a small (lower case) version (h) of the same letter. whereas one with two different forms (Hh) is called heterozygous (a heterozygote) – also called a hybrid. … e.g. HH, Hh and hh are all shorthand descriptions for genotypes.

Is genotype A heterozygous AA?

Individuals with genotype Aa are heterozygotes (i.e., they have two different alleles at the A locus).

What is the phenotype of TT?

The phenotype of a plant with the genotype Tt would be tall. … Tallness and dwarfness (stem height) are one of the seven contrasting pairs of traits in pea plants studied by Mendel. The heterozygote Tt is similar in appearance to plants having TT genotype.

Why is a plant with genotype TT referred to as heterozygous?

Answer: because it has two different allele.

How would you describe a plant with the genotype TT?

The genotype for height of the stems is Tt , which is heterozygous, containing a dominant and recessive allele.

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Which is a homozygous dominant hh or HH?

Individuals with dominant phenotypes can be either homozygous (HH) or heterozygous (Hh). When a recessive (hh) is selected against, a reservoir of recessive alleles remains in the heterozygotes (Hh) of the dominant phenotype.

Is HH heterozygous dominant?

For both heterozygous individuals (Hh), the gametes can carry the H (dominant allele) or the h (recessive allele). … For HH, the gametes can only carry H (the dominant allele).