What phenotype does incomplete dominance results in?

What is the result of incomplete dominance?

In short, incomplete dominance is when neither gene is fully dominant, and the result is a brand new trait. Codominance is a similar yet different phenomenon. While in incomplete dominance, neither allele is dominant, in codominance, both alleles are.

What is codominance and what phenotype does it result in?

Codominance. As opposed to partial dominance, codominance occurs when the phenotypes of both parents are simultaneously expressed in the same offspring organism. … An example of codominance occurs in the human ABO blood group system.

In which of the following incomplete dominance is observed?

Example: Incomplete dominance is seen between red and white snapdragon plants in cross-pollination experiments. In the recessive allele that produces the white colour (r), the allele that produces the red colour (R) is not fully expressed.

How does incomplete dominance increase the number of phenotypes observed in a population?

How do incomplete dominance and codominance increase the number of phenotypes? Incomplete dominance and codominance produce phenotypes that are intermediate between or combinations of those produced by homozygous dominant or homozygous recessive individuals.

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What is incomplete dominance and codominance?

In codominance, both alleles in the genotype are seen in the phenotype. … In incomplete dominance, a mixture of the alleles in the genotype is seen in the phenotype.

What is the phenotypic and genotypic ratios in incomplete dominance and codominance?

In both incomplete dominance and codominance, both phenotypic and genotypic ratios are identical 1:2:1 in F2 generation. In incomplete dominance, the phenotype of hybrid is intermediate between the two parents as both the alleles express themselves partially.

How does incomplete dominance affect the phenotype of a heterozygote?

In incomplete dominance, the phenotype in a heterozygous individual is visibly less intense than that in an individual homozygous for the dominant allele, so that AA and Aa genotypes produce different phenotypes. Hence, the heterozygote (Aa) will have a phenotype intermediate between that of AA and aa individuals.

Which of the following overall phenotype possibilities is an example of incomplete dominance?

Hair texture is an example of incomplete dominance.

What are 3 possible phenotypes?

If the only alleles for hair texture were straight and curly, there would be three phenotypes: straight, curly, and wavy. However, you asked for something a little different. You wanted three phenotypes that are all equally represented in the population.