What is the probability of getting a homozygous black rabbit?

What is a genotype for a homozygous black rabbit?

If we allow “B” to represent the dominant allele for black fur and “b” to represent the recessive allele for fur color, then “BB” could represent the genotype of a rabbit that is homozygous dominant for black fur.

What is the percent chance the offspring rabbit will be black?

Second Cross (14 black, 11 brown offspring) – Brown Male x Black Female (heterozygous – bb x Bb 50% of the offspring will be brown (bb). 50% of the offspring will be black (Bb).

What is the genotype of a heterozygous rabbit?

Two heterozygous white (brown fur is recessive) rabbits are crossed. The parents’ genotypes are BB and Bb. The offspring’s genotypes are 50% BB, 50% Bb, which means their phenotypes are 100% brown.

What are the homozygous genotypes?

(HOH-moh-ZY-gus JEE-noh-tipe) The presence of two identical alleles at a particular gene locus. A homozygous genotype may include two normal alleles or two alleles that have the same variant.

What is the probability of homozygous offspring?

If two homozygous dominants are crossed, the probability that an offspring will be homozygous dominant is 100% or 1.00. 8. If two homozygous recessives are crossed, the probability that an offspring will be homozygous recessive is 100% or 1.00.

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How much is the probability of a homozygous dominant genotype?

One Homozygous Parent

Above if the homozygous parent has two dominant alleles, then all of the offspring will have the same phenotype of the dominant trait. In other words, there is a 100% probability that an offspring of such a pairing will exhibit the dominant phenotype.

What is the probability of a baby bunny being white?

Now, the probability of a particular rabbit being white in next generation is not 50% anymore (it is higher than 50%). This deviation can become either larger or smaller each generation, randomly, and it is possible that eventually the population becomes uniformly white- colored (figure 3).

What percentage of offspring is white?

Predicting Offspring Phenotypes

Therefore, in this cross, you would expect three out of four (75 percent) of the offspring to have purple flowers and one out of four (25 percent) to have white flowers.

What is the genotype for white bunnies?

Chart of 144 Rabbit Coat Colors And Their Genotypes

C – Full Color cchd – Chinchilla c c REW
Fawn (Cream) A- B- C- dd ee Blue Ermine A- B- cchd– dd ee Ruby-Eyed White A- B- cc dd ee
Lilac Fawn A- bb C- dd ee Lilac Ermine A- bb cchd– dd ee Ruby-Eyed White A- bb cc dd ee