What is the genotype of black bunny?

What is the genotype for black?

Black is dominant, which means black individuals must have at least one B allele. Their genotype could be either BB or Bb. In this pedigree, black individuals are not filled in.

What is the genotype of a GREY Bunny?

Directions: In rabbits, gray hair (G) is dominant to white hair (g), and black eyes (B) are dominant to red eyes (b). These two traits are independent of each other. In other words, a female rabbit with the genotype GgBb may produce eggs with the alleles GB, Gb, gB, or gb.

What is the genotype of spotted bunny?

You’re told that solid-colored fur is dominant to spotted. That means that any rabbit that does have spots must have the ff genotype. … Each of the parent rabbits will pass on one of its alleles for spots and one of its alleles for ear shape. The female rabbit can only pass on one combination of these alleles: fs.

What is a genotype for a homozygous black rabbit?

If we allow “B” to represent the dominant allele for black fur and “b” to represent the recessive allele for fur color, then “BB” could represent the genotype of a rabbit that is homozygous dominant for black fur.

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What are the 3 types of genotypes?

There are three types of genotypes: homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive, and hetrozygous.

What is genotype for black chicken?

In some chickens, the gene for feather color is controlled by codominance. The allele for black is B and the allele for white is W. The heterozygous phenotype is known as erminette.

What is genotype on a rabbit pedigree?

A rabbit’s genes written together is called a genotype. The genotypes in the examples above are DD, dd, and Dd. Technically there is a fourth possible genotype, dD.

How do you determine a genotype?

A Punnett square is one of the simplest ways to determine genotype. The square is actually a mini-chart used to determine the potential genotype for an offspring with respect to particular trait.

How many genotypes are possible for coat Colour in rabbits?

Coat color in rabbits is inherited as a series of multiple alleles. This means that there can be more than just 2 alleles for a single gene. In the case of coat color in rabbits, there are four alleles, and each one is expressed with a different phenotype. Examine the table below.

What is the genotype of a heterozygous rabbit?

Two heterozygous white (brown fur is recessive) rabbits are crossed. The parents’ genotypes are BB and Bb. The offspring’s genotypes are 50% BB, 50% Bb, which means their phenotypes are 100% brown.

What is the phenotype of a rabbit with genotype BB?

A population of rabbits may be brown (the dominant phenotype) or white (the recessive phenotype). Brown rabbits have the genotype BB or Bb. White rabbits have the genotype bb. The frequency of the BB genotype is 0.35.

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