What is the fate of two male gametes present in the pollen grain?

Why does pollen grain have two male gametes?

Pollen grain possess two male gametes for double fertilization in most angiosperm. Explanation: … One is for egg(n) and the other is for central cell (2n). One of this gamete fuses with egg which forms formed zygote and resulting to the embryo in the later process.

What is the fate of male gametes?

The pollen tube grows into one of two synergid cells, which undergoes cell death and degenerates. Two nonmobile sperm cells then are released in close proximity to the egg cell and the central cell, and double fertilization ensues.

What are the functions of two male gametes in flowering plants?

The two male gametes produced by each pollen grain in angiosperms helps in double fertilisation. i. One of the male gametes moves towards the egg cell and fuses with its nucleus called Syngamy. This results in the formation of a diploid cell, the zygote.

How do two male gametes develop?

The male gametes of angiosperms consist of two sperm cells within a pollen grain or a pollen tube. They are derived from a single generative cell, which is formed as the smaller cell by unequal cell division in the microspore after meiosis.

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What is the fate of male gametes released in the ovary?

In flowering plants, out of the two male gametes discharged in synergids, one fuses with the egg and other fuses with the secondary or definitive nucleus present in central cell.

What is the fate of Synergids after fertilization?

After the process of fertilization, the synergids disintegrate. Synergids are short-lived cells present near the egg in the matured embryo sac of a flowering plant. These cells become disorganized and disappear soon after the fertilization of the egg.

How male gametes are produced?

The testes are the site of gamete production in males. The male gamete is called sperm. It is produced in the seminiferous tubules and testosterone is produced in the interstitial cells.

What is the function of the male gamete in plants?

Flowering plant reproduction is characterized by double fertilization, in which two diminutive brother sperm cells initiate embryo and endosperm.

What is the function of two nuclei in pollen grain?

pollen grain

The grain contains 3 haploid nuclei (a tube nucleus and 2 sperm nuclei), which pass down the tube to the ovum. One of the sperm nuclei fertilizes the ovum, and the second fuses with the 2 polar nuclei forming the endosperm.