What is a phenotype simple?

Kinetochores Attach Chromosomes to the Mitotic Spindle

What is a phenotype short answer?

Phenotype Explained

Phenotype is what you see – the visible or observable expression of the results of genes, combined with the environmental influence on an organism’s appearance or behavior.

What is a phenotype in your own words?

Phenotype is defined as the physical and psychological characteristics of an organism from both genetics and environment, or a group of organisms having like traits. An example of phenotype is a group of organisms which are all affected in the same ways by nature and nurture.

Which is a phenotype?

The term “phenotype” refers to the observable physical properties of an organism; these include the organism’s appearance, development, and behavior. … Phenotypes also include observable characteristics that can be measured in the laboratory, such as levels of hormones or blood cells.

What are phenotypes for dummies?

Phenotype: The physical characteristics of an individual. Recessive: An allele or phenotype that is masked by a dominant allele or phenotype; recessive traits are exhibited only when an individual has two recessive alleles at the same locus or gene.

What is genotype and phenotype for kids?

All of an individual’s genes together are called the genotype. The physical appearance that results from the alleles (for example, the actual purple flower) is called the phenotype. If the two genes are the same (for example, ww or PP), this is called homozygous.

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What is phenotype in a sentence?

Definition of Phenotype. the physical appearance of an organism resulting from its genetic makeup and environmental influence. Examples of Phenotype in a sentence. 1. In the lab, we studied the effect of the weather on an albino mouse’s phenotype to see if the creature’s outward appearance changed.

What is a phenotype quizlet?

phenotype. the physical appearance of an organism based on the genotype (genes) pure. obtained from a cross with hybrid organisms; homozygous.

Which description is an example of a phenotype?

A phenotype results from gene expression and the physical factors of their environment. For example, tree height in many Mangrove species is controlled by environmental stressors such as temperature and drought; thus, tree height in mangroves is a phenotype.