What does p2 represent in the Hardy Weinberg equation?

What does P 2 represent in the Hardy-Weinberg equation?

Explanation: In the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium equation ( p2+2pq+q2=1 ), the term 2pq represents the genotype frequency of heterozygotes (Aa) in a population in equilibrium. The term p2 represents the frequency of dominant homozygotes (AA) and the term q2 represents the frequency of recessive homozygotes (aa).

What is P in Hardy-Weinberg?

p = frequency of the dominant allele in the population. q = frequency of the recessive allele in the population. p2 = percentage of homozygous dominant individuals. q2 = percentage of homozygous recessive individuals. 2pq = percentage of heterozygous individuals.

What does p2 in the below mentioned Hardy-Weinberg equation indicates ?( P q 2 p2 2pq q2?

Explanation: If 50% of the population carries the recessive allele, then 50% carry the dominant allele. To determine the genotype breakdown we use the equation p2 + 2pq + q2, where p2 represents homozygous dominant genotype, 2pq represents heterozygous genotype, and q2 represents homozygous recessive genotype.

Why is the 2 in the term 2pq necessary?

Transcribed image text: In the formula for determining a population’s genotype frequencies, the pq in the term 2pq is necessary because the population is diploid. heterozygotes can come about in two ways. the population is doubling in number. heterozygotes have two alleles.

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What do PQ p2 2pq and q2 represent?

p2 +2pq + q2 = 1 Where p2 represents the frequency of the homozygous dominant genotype, q2 represents the frequency of the recessive genotype and 2pq is the frequency of the heterozygous genotype.

How do you calculate p value in Hardy Weinberg?

To calculate the allelic frequencies we simply divide the number of S or F alleles by the total number of alleles: 94/128 = 0.734 = p = frequency of the S allele, and 34/128 = 0.266 = q = frequency of the F allele.

What does the following equation represent explain p2 2pq q2 1?

Evolution. The equation of p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1 represents the genotypic frequencies of a population, when it is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. … The frequency of genotypes, AA is p2, that of aa is q2 and that of Aa is 2pq. Hence, p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1, which is the expansion of (p + q)2.

Which of the following represents the Hardy-Weinberg equation?


Which of the following represents the Hardy-Weinberg equation *?

This is called genetic equilibrium or Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. It is expressed as P2 +q2 + 2pq = 1, where p & q denotes the frequencies of different alleles. P is the frequency of allele A & q is the frequency of allele a.