What does it mean if two individuals have the same phenotype?

What does it mean to have the same phenotype?

Genotype and Phenotype

When an organism has two of the same alleles for a specific gene, it is homozygous (homo means “same”) for that gene. An organism can be either homozygous dominant (TT) or homozygous recessive (tt). … Phenotype is a way to describe the traits you can see.

What do individuals with the same phenotype have?

Same phenotype but different genotype is possible due to presence of dominant allele. … A person can have a dominant allele on both the homologous chromosomes (i.e. in double dose) while another person may have single dominant allele and a corresponding recessive allele.

Can there be two people with identical phenotypes?

An organism’s genotype is a major (the largest by far for morphology) influencing factor in the development of its phenotype, but it is not the only one. Even two organisms with identical genotypes normally differ in their phenotypes. One experiences this in everyday life with monozygous (i.e. identical) twins.

Do individuals with the same phenotype have the same genotype?

Different genotypes can produce the same phenotype. Different genotypes can produce the same phenotype.

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Why can individuals with different genotypes have the same phenotype quizlet?

Each parent provides its offspring with one allele if every gene, so that the offspring inherits a pair if alleles for every gene. The combination of alleles in the offspring. … The masking of recessive alleles can result in organisms with the same phenotype but different genotypes.

Why do two genotypes have the same phenotype?

Hence, due to the presence of dominant alleles in the genotype of organisms, phenotypes appear the same even though they differ in the genotypes.

Which two genotypes have the same phenotype with complete dominance?

Organisms can have the same phenotype when (1) they both have dominant alleles; for example TT or (2) are hybrids; for example Tt. Since the dominant allele will be expressed in the hybrid, both of these cases will produce the same phenotype.

How can the same genotype result in multiple phenotypes?

Genotype generally remains constant from one environment to another, although occasional spontaneous mutations may occur which cause it to change. However, when the same genotype is subjected to different environments, it can produce a wide range of phenotypes.

How many phenotypes do humans have?

With one locus and additive effects we have three phenotypic classes: AA, Aa and aa.

Why do siblings have different phenotypes?

But brothers and sisters don’t look exactly alike because everyone (including parents) actually has two copies of most of their genes. And these copies can be different. Parents pass one of their two copies of each of their genes to their kids. … And this is a big reason why you don’t look like your brother.

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