What are the sources of phenotypic variation?

What are the three main sources of phenotypic variation?

For a given population, there are three sources of variation: mutation, recombination, and immigration of genes.

What is the ultimate source of phenotypic variation?

The ultimate source of all variation is mutation. However, within a population, the quantitative frequency of specific genotypes can be changed by recombination, immigration of genes, continued mutational events, and chance.

What causes phenotypic variations in a species?

Phenotypic variation occurs when the expression of genes is changed in response to the environment, for instance by the induction or repression of synthesis of particular enzymes.

What are the two main factors responsible for phenotypic variation?

Two types of factors are recognized as contributing to the phenotypic variation in a population, genetic and environmental.

What is phenotypic variance?

VP, or phenotypic variance, is simply the observed, measured variance in the trait of interest. For instance, if you are studying milk yield, then the observed variation in milk yield among the cows is your VP.

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What are 3 reasons to explain genetic variations in meiosis?

Genetic diversity arises due to the shuffling of chromosomes during meiosis.

  • Process of Meiosis. A man produces sperm and a woman produces eggs because their reproductive cells undergo meiosis. …
  • Crossing Over. …
  • Random Segregation. …
  • Independent Assortment.

What are the 3 events in meiosis that contribute to genetic variation?

The three main sources of genetic variation arising from sexual reproduction are: Crossing over (in prophase I) Random assortment of chromosomes (in metaphase I) Random fusion of gametes from different parents.

What are the three main ways that variations in genotype arise in a population?

Variations in genotype arise by mutation, recombination, and the random pairing of gametes.

What is the source of most genetic variation?

Mutation is the ultimate source of genetic variation, but mechanisms such as sexual reproduction and genetic drift contribute to it as well.

Which variable is the ultimate source of change?

Mandira P. Ultimate source of variation is MUTATION and nothing else.

Why is mutation the ultimate source of variation?

The ultimate source of all genetic variation is mutation. Mutation is important as the first step of evolution because it creates a new DNA sequence for a particular gene, creating a new allele. Recombination also can create a new DNA sequence (a new allele) for a specific gene through intragenic recombination.