What age do girls with Turner syndrome stop growing?


Does Turner syndrome affect height?

The main clinical feature of Turner syndrome (TS) is growth failure, with a mean spontaneous adult height ranging between 136 and 147 cm, according to the specific curves of various populations.

How tall do girls with Turner syndrome grow?

Girls with TS may expect an average final height gain of 2.8 inches. However, results can range from no gain to over 4.7 inches, dependent on the age when GH is started, dosage, how consistent the shot is given (every day) when estrogen therapy is started, and how the body responds to growth hormone.

How does Turner syndrome affect growth?

In patients with Turner’s syndrome, adult height is short due to poor growth rates in utero in infancy and childhood and a pronounced lack of pubertal growth. The normal pubertal growth spurt does not occur in Turner’s syndrome.

What is the life expectancy of a girl with Turner’s syndrome?

TS is associated with a 3-fold increase in overall mortality and a life expectancy that is reduced by up to 13 yr (8, 9). Even after exclusion of deaths from congenital heart disease, the mortality rates remain excessive, particularly in women with 45,X monosomy.

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What is the average height for someone with Turner syndrome?

Most girls with Turner syndrome who don’t get treatment are shorter than their peers, with an average final adult height of 4 feet 7 inches. They can have other related physical features, such as: “webbing” of the skin of the neck (extra folds of skin extending from the tops of the shoulders to the sides of the neck)

Why does Turner syndrome have short stature?

The protein product of the SHOX gene plays a role in the growth and maturation of the skeleton. Researchers believe that the loss of one SHOX gene on the altered X chromosome is the main cause of short stature in females with Turner syndrome.

Can a woman with Turner’s syndrome have a baby?

Very few pregnancies in which the fetus has Turner Syndrome result in live births. Most end in early pregnancy loss. Most women with Turner syndrome cannot get pregnant naturally. In one study, as many as 40% of women with Turner syndrome got pregnant using donated eggs.

What famous person has Turner syndrome?

Actress Linda Hunt and gymnast Misty Marlowe, Scottish actress Janette Cranky have Turner’s syndrome.

Do Turner syndrome have periods?

About 2-5% of individuals with Turner syndrome have spontaneous periods and have the potential to achieve pregnancy without medical intervention. However, many affected women have absent or decreased ovarian function and need hormone therapy to achieve their period.

How does growth hormone help Turner syndrome?

Growth hormone not only treats delayed physical growth but also delayed sexual development (another main fixture of Turner syndrome).

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How does Turner syndrome affect hormones?

Women with Turner syndrome usually need regular sex hormone treatment until they’re about 50. After this time, the body usually stops producing oestrogen and monthly periods stop.

How does Turner syndrome affect daily life?

Girls with Turner syndrome usually have normal intelligence, but some may have learning problems, particularly in math. Many also struggle with tasks requiring spatial skills, such as map reading or visual organization. Hearing problems are more common in girls with TS.