Quick Answer: Which stage of meiosis 1 does independent assortment occur?

Which stage of meiosis is responsible for independent assortment?

Mendel’s law of independent assortment can be seen in Prophase I (pachytene substage). However i personally think that this law can also be seen in metaphase I, where random arrangement of chromosomes can lead to independent assortment of those genes, which are located on non-homologous chromosomes.”

Does independent assortment occur in metaphase 1 or 2?

4: Meiosis I ensures unique gametes Random, independent assortment during metaphase I can be demonstrated by considering a cell with a set of two chromosomes (n = 2). In this case, there are two possible arrangements at the equatorial plane in metaphase I.

Does Independent Assortment happen in meiosis 1 or meiosis 2?

Homologous chromosomes separate in meiosis I. Sister chromatids separate in meiosis II. Independent assortment of genes is due to the random orientation of pairs of homologous chromosomes in meiosis I. Chiasmata formation between non-sister chromatids can result in an exchange of alleles.

What is independent assortment in meiosis?

The Principle of Independent Assortment describes how different genes independently separate from one another when reproductive cells develop. … During meiosis, the pairs of homologous chromosome are divided in half to form haploid cells, and this separation, or assortment, of homologous chromosomes is random.

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In which phases of meiosis are the principles of segregation and independent assortment at work?

In which phases of mitosis and meiosis are the principles of segregation and independent assortment at work? In anaphase I of meiosis, each pair of homologous chromosomes segregate independently of all other pairs of homologous chromosomes. The assortment is dependent on how the homlogs line up during metaphase I.

How and at what stage is independent assortment accomplished?

In metaphase I the pairs of homologous chromosomes are lined up side by side on the equator. This is different from mitosis where the chromosomes line up singly. Although crossing over is great at creating variation, the major gene shuffling takes place in metaphase I during a process called independent assortment.

What is Independent Assortment quizlet?

independent assortment is the random sorrting of chromosomes, during the making of gametes. it ends up being individual gametes. crossing over. crossing over is chromosomes come together and can become twisted, and they pull apart which causes them to break, rearange then reattach. You just studied 3 terms!

Does independent assortment occur in metaphase 2?

This occurs only in metaphase I. In metaphase of mitosis and meiosis II, it is sister chromatids that line up along the equator of the cell. … The daughter cells each have a random assortment of chromosomes, with one from each homologous pair.

Is independent assortment in anaphase or metaphase?

Independent assortment —the random assortment of homologous chromosomes at the metaphase plate—is the second mechanism that introduces variation into the gametes or spores.

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Does Independent Assortment happen in anaphase 2?

Chromosome segregation occurs at two separate stages during meiosis called anaphase I and anaphase II (see meiosis diagram). … Different pairs of chromosomes segregate independently of each other, a process termed “independent assortment of non-homologous chromosomes”.