Quick Answer: Is chromatin loose or tight?

Is chromatin tightly or loosely packed?

During interphase (1), chromatin is in its least condensed state and appears loosely distributed throughout the nucleus.

Are chromosomes loose or tight?

Each chromosome is made up of DNA tightly coiled many times around proteins called histones that support its structure. Chromosomes are not visible in the cell’s nucleus—not even under a microscope—when the cell is not dividing.

What can loosen the chromatin structure?

Perhaps phosphorylation of histone H1 is required to weaken the interaction of the linker histone with chromatin and thereby ‘loosen’ the chromatin fibre to allow other trans-acting factors required for gross changes in chromosomal architecture to bind to DNA or the fibre itself.

What is chromatin structure?

Chromatin is a complex of macromolecules composed of DNA, RNA, and protein, which is found inside the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. … The primary protein components of chromatin are histones that help to organize DNA into “bead-like” structures called nucleosomes by providing a base on which the DNA can be wrapped around.

What is the shape of chromosome?

Chromosomes have generally three different shapes, viz., rod shape, J shape and V shape. These shapes are observed when the centromere occupies terminal, sub terminal and median position on the chromosomes respectively. Chromosome size is measured with the help of micrometer at mitotic metaphase.

What are chromatin remodeling factors?

Chromatin remodeling factors are key components involved in this process and include histone chaperones, histone modifying enzymes and ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes. Several of these factors interact directly with components of the replication machinery.

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