Quick Answer: How many telomeres do we have?

Does each chromosome have 2 telomeres?

Each of these chromatids will be capped with the telomere structure on either end (and a single centromere structure in the middle of each sister chromatid). Therefore, a single chromosome in metaphase would have four total telomeres, two on each sister chromatid.

How do you find the number of telomeres?

There are two telomere’s in each chromosome. So in a diploid cell, if there are 8 chromosomes, 8*2=16 telomeres.

Are telomeres on the 5 end?

After each round of DNA replication, some telomeric sequences are lost at the 5′ end of the newly synthesized strand on each daughter DNA, but because these are noncoding sequences, their loss does not adversely affect the cell. … Telomerase adds complementary RNA bases to the 3′ end of the DNA strand.

How many telomeres are in the human body?

Human telomeres, for example, range in size from 2-50 kilobases and consist of approximately 300-8,000 precise repeats of the sequence CCCTAA/TTAGGG.

What is the total number of telomeres in a rat cell in G2?

Question: A diploid somatic cell from a rat has a total of 42 chromosomes (2n = 42). As in humans, sex chromosomes determine sex: XX in females and XY in males. What is the total number of telomeres in a rat cell in G2? The answer is 168 but please explain in details.

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How many total telomeres are present on a duplicated chromosome?

Figure 4-22. The three DNA sequences required to produce a eucaryotic chromosome that can be replicated and then segregated at mitosis. Each chromosome has multiple origins of replication, one centromere, and two telomeres. Shown here is the sequence of events a typical (more…)