Quick Answer: Do Sporophytes produce gametes?

Do spores produce gametes?

Spores are usually haploid and unicellular and are produced by meiosis in the sporophyte. Once conditions are favorable, the spore can develop into a new organism using mitotic division, producing a multicellular gametophyte, which will eventually go on to produce gametes.

Do gametophytes produce gametes?

In the gametophyte phase, which is haploid (having a single set of chromosomes), male and female organs (gametangia) develop and produce eggs and sperm (gametes) through simple mitosis for sexual reproduction. …

Do Moss Sporophytes produce gametes?

In a nutshell, haploid gametophytes produce haploid gametes, which can be sperm or eggs. When egg and sperm merge, they form a diploid zygote which grows into a diploid sporophyte. Sporophytes produce haploid spores, containing genetic information from both haploid gametophyte parents.

Which of the following belongs to Sporophytic generation?

A plant in which sporophytic generation is represented by zygote is Chlamydomonas. It is a type of algae that has gametophytic plant body (haploid). It reproduce sexually by gametes which are isogametes that fuses to produce diploid zygote which is the only sporophytic generation.

What process creates gametes?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that reduces the number of chromosomes in the parent cell by half and produces four gamete cells. This process is required to produce egg and sperm cells for sexual reproduction.

How are gametes produced?

Gametes are produced by mitosis (not meiosis) and after fertilization a diploid zygote is created. … It can only divide by meiosis to produce haploid cells once more, which then produce the main adult body.

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Are spores haploid reproductive cells?

Spore: haploid reproductive cell that leads to a gametophyte in plant alternation of generations. able to unite with another of the opposite sex in sexual reproduction to form a zygote. develops from zygote, produced when a haploid female cell is fertilized by a haploid male cell, produces haploid spores by meiosis.