Question: What is exchange of segment of chromosome?

What is the exchange of chromosome fragments?

As gametes form, homologous chromosomes undergo chromatid exchanges, or crossovers, during meiosis I that result in reciprocal exchanges of genetic material called recombination.

What is the exchange of chromatid?

During meiosis, the exchange of chromatids parts between the maternal and the paternal chromatids of a pair of homologous chromosomes is called crossing-over.

What is it called when two chromosome exchange is broken segment?

Then this is called a tetrasomy. Thus, the correct answer is (A). The exchange of segments of non-homologous chromosomes is called Translocation. Note:In meiosis, the genes rearrange between the two chromosomes in each pair. The either one is received from each parent.

What is inversion and translocation?

inversion: a segment of DNA in the context of a chromosome that is reversed in orientation relative to a reference karyotype or genome. translocation: a transfer of a chromosomal segment to a new position, especially on a nonhomologous chromosome.

What do you mean by Telocentric?

: having the centromere terminally situated so that there is only one chromosomal arm a telocentric chromosome.

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