Is primary Protonema haploid or diploid?


Is protonema haploid primary?

Answer: (i) Protonemal cell of moss-haploid.

What is ploidy of protonema?

Protonemal cell (haploid, x), primary endosperm nucleus of dicot (triploid, 3x), leaf cell of moss (haploid, x), prothallus cell of fern (haploid, x), gemma cell of Marchantia (haploid, x), meristem cell of monocot (diploid, 2x), ovum of a liverwort (haploid, x), Zygote of a fern (diploid 2x).

What is the ploidy of Gemma?

The reproduction of the Gemma cups in the dorsal surface along midrib region under the lobed, spiny and hyaline. … And the Gemma cells in the ploidy during the marchantia are haploid, X in nature.

Is protonema a diploid?

A. Haploid and is found in mosses. Hint: The gametophyte form shows several developmental stages such as the spore, the protonema, and the gametophore, which produces the sex organs. …

Is protonema free living?

Protonema is not dependent on sporophyte.

Is prothallus haploid or diploid?

The prothallus is haploid, since it grew from a spore which had been formed by meiosis. It does not have any vascular tissue and uses small rhizoids to anchor it to the ground. On the underside of the prothallus the sex organs form. The female structure, called an archegonium, contains a single egg.

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What is meant by secondary Protonema?

Protonema is defined as a thread-like chain of cells. … Primary protonema is only responsible for the germination of spore while secondary protonema is responsible for the whole development of the gametophytic part of the plant.

What is Protonema Class 11?

Hint: Protonema is a creeping, green, branched, and often filamentous stage of the growth process. It is a haploid, autonomous, gametophytic stage of the moss life cycle. Complete answer: A protonema is a thread-like chain of cells that forms the gametophyte’s earliest stage of growth in the life cycle of mosses.

What is the ploidy level of a moss?

In vascular plants the dominant stage of this lifecycle is the diploid generation. In mosses, the dominant stage is the haploid generation (the gametophyte). This means that the green, leafy gametophytic tissue is haploid (has only one set of chromosomes).

What is the ploidy of Pteridophytes?

The main plant body of pteridophyte is not haploid but it is diploid because it develops from the diploid zygote.