Is hyperlexia a form of autism?

Do children outgrow hyperlexia?

In the meantime a cautious differential diagnostic approach, along with careful, watchful observation over time is advised especially when early reading or late speaking are the presenting symptoms. Those children who are in the hyperlexia 3 group do not “outgrow” their autism.

Is hyperlexia a disorder?

It’s important, however, to remember that hyperlexia is a complex disorder. Remember, early reading alone is not a sign of hyperlexia. Children who have hyperlexia have low reading comprehension that does not usually match their ability to recognize words.

What are the three types of hyperlexia?

Three conditions — Hyperlexia (children who read early), Einstein syndrome (children who speak late), and “Blindisms” (in children with impaired vision) — can present with “autistic-like” symptoms, traits, and behaviors that need to be differentiated from autistic disorder.

What are the 3 types of autism?

The three types of ASD that will be discussed are: Autistic Disorder. Asperger’s Syndrome. Pervasive Development Disorder.

How do you overcome Hyperlexia?

The main treatment for Hyperlexia will be delivered by a speech and language therapist who will focus on developing and supporting communication and social interaction skills. Therapy will use the individual’s advance reading and visual abilities as a tool for therapy and language learning.

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How can I help my child with Hyperlexia?

Help for Hyperlexia:

  1. Use a visual organizer to help the child recall the important information in the story and organize it appropriately. …
  2. Use social stories to help children understand the emotions of the characters and different perspectives. …
  3. Comic strips are great ways to show perspective.

Is Hyperlexia a learning disability?

Hyperlexia can be the opposite of dyslexia, a learning disability characterized by having difficulty reading and spelling. However, unlike children with hyperlexia, dyslexic children can normally understand what they are reading and have good communication skills.

Is Hyperlexia always autism?

Hyperlexia is often, but not always, part of the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It’s considered a “splinter skill,” a unique skill that doesn’t have much practical application. But therapists can often use a child’s hyperlexic skills as a tool for their therapy and treatment.

What are Neurodivergent illnesses?

Besides ADHD, neurodiversity commonly refers to people with:

  • Autism spectrum disorder.
  • Dyslexia.
  • Dyspraxia.
  • Other learning disabilities.

Why is my child obsessed with the alphabet?

Hyperlexia II is when children on the autistic spectrum are hyperlexic. They are obsessed with letters and numbers, arranging them endlessly, taking magnetic tablets to bed instead of other toys or stuffed animals.

How do I know if I am Neurodivergent?

The National Institute of Stroke and Neurological Disorders lists the following as typical signs of someone who is neurodivergent:

  • a lack of babbling or pointing by the age of 12 months.
  • poor eye contact.
  • no smiling or social responsiveness.
  • not responding to their name.