Is chromatin seen in dividing and nondividing cells?

Is chromatin seen in dividing and non dividing cells?

Chromatin is visible as an entangled mass of thread-like structures. Chromatin is a complex of macromolecules seen in cells. … In a non – dividing cell, synthesis of protein and other processes happen. In order for these processes and protein synthesis to occur, DNA is required to be transcriptionally active.

Is chromatin present when the cell is dividing?

Figure 1: Chromatin condensation changes during the cell cycle. During interphase (1), chromatin is in its least condensed state and appears loosely distributed throughout the nucleus. … During cell division, for example, they become more tightly packed, and their condensed form can be visualized with a light microscope.

Can chromosomes be seen in non dividing cells?

When cells are not dividing, you cannot see the chromosomes, and the nucleus looks like this photograph of a cell seen under the microscope where you can see the nuclear membrane surrounding a salmon pink area. At this stage, the chromosomes are not visible – just this mass of nuclear material called chromatin.

Is chromatin found in prokaryotic cells?

Eukaryotic chromosomes are composed of chromatin, and each consists of two complementary strands of DNA coiled tightly around histones. The structure of chromatin is scaffolded, with three distinct levels.

Eukaryotic chromosome.

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Eukaryotic Chromosome Prokaryotic Chromosome
Location Nucleus Nucleoid (region in cytoplasm)

What is found in a non-dividing cell?

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During the non-dividing phase, DNA is not organized into an easily visible structure within the cell nucleus. Chromosomes, which are the characteristic feature of dividing cells, are not present. Instead, DNA is found in chromatin.

Which structure can be seen only when the cell divides?

The cell component visible only during cell division is the chromosome. In a nondividing cell, the genetic material that is known as DNA is present as chromatin fibers. Chromosomes are visible only during certain stages of cellular division.

Why are individual chromosomes visible only during mitosis?

Eukaryotic chromosomes contain both DNA and protein, packed together to form this. Proteins around which DNA is tightly coiled. Why are individual chromosomes visible only during mitosis? … They fold enormous lengths of DNA into the cell nucleus.