Is chromatin found in animal cells?

Are chromatin found in plants or animals?

Abstract: In electron micrographs of interphase nuclei of both plants and animals, electron-dense chromatin can be found in variable amounts.

What is chromatin in plant and animal cell?

Abstract. Chromatin is the main carrier of genetic information and is non-randomly distributed within the nucleus. … Here, we review recent Hi-C studies in plants, compare plant chromatin structures with their mammalian counterparts, and discuss the differences between plants with different genome sizes.

What cells have a chromatin?

Chromatin is a complex of DNA and proteins that forms chromosomes within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. Nuclear DNA does not appear in free linear strands; it is highly condensed and wrapped around nuclear proteins in order to fit inside the nucleus.

Is chromatin found in prokaryotic cells?

Eukaryotic chromosomes are composed of chromatin, and each consists of two complementary strands of DNA coiled tightly around histones. The structure of chromatin is scaffolded, with three distinct levels.

Eukaryotic chromosome.

Eukaryotic Chromosome Prokaryotic Chromosome
Location Nucleus Nucleoid (region in cytoplasm)

Do animal cells have mitochondria?

Mitochondria are found in the cells of nearly every eukaryotic organism, including plants and animals. Cells that require a lot of energy, such as muscle cells, can contain hundreds or thousands of mitochondria.

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