How many mammal genomes have been sequenced?

How many animals have sequenced genomes?

What other genomes have been sequenced? Researchers have sequenced the complete genomes of hundreds of animals and plants-more than 250 animal species and 50 species of birds alone-and the list continues to grow almost daily.

What animals have had their genome sequenced?

For a more complete list, see the List of sequenced animal genomes.

Organism Type Number of genes predicted
Drosophila melanogaster Fruit fly 13,600
Anopheles gambiae Strain: PEST Mosquito 13,683
Takifugu rubripes Puffer fish 22–29,000
Homo sapiens Human 18,826 (CCDS consortium)

How many genomes are sequenced to date?

Taken together, in total, these institutions have sequenced ∼317,259 genomes and exomes to date. Most of the sequencing institutions reported that they are able to store raw genomic data in compliance with various national regulations, although there was a lack of standardisation of storage formats.

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