How many chromosomes does a fruit fly have after meiosis?

How many chromosomes are present in daughter cells after meiosis in a fruit fly?

After Meiosis:

Each daughter cell will contain 23 chromosomes, which is half of the original 46. Two sister chromatids make up each chromosome.

Do fruit flies have 46 chromosomes?

(The complete genome of D. melanogaster was completed in 2000.) Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, or 46 chromosomes in all. … While drosophila only have a total of 4 chromosomes, they too display sexual dimorphism, with females carrying the double X chromosomes and males carrying XY.

How many chromosomes does a butterfly have?

The monarch butterfly has a reported haploid chromosome number of 30.

Are there 92 chromosomes in meiosis?

The parent cell has 4N (92 chromosomes) and two daughter cells have 2n (46 chromosomes). Meiosis differs in that; during metaphase the chromosomes lie side by side. … The parent cells have 4N (92 chromosomes) and the daughter cells have 2N (46 chromosomes). But that is just the first meiotic division.

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