How does the field of occupational therapy treats and deal with autism?

How does an occupational therapist help with autism?

Occupational therapists bring a unique and comprehensive perspective in the treatment of persons with ASD, in that they are highly educated and experienced to evaluate and provide intervention, both direct treatment and consultation to families, educators and caregivers, in the areas of physical, sensory processing, …

Why would an autistic child need occupational therapy?

Pediatric OTs often work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to help them access their natural environments with greater ease, increase their independence, and improve their ability to take part in activities that are meaningful to the child and family.

What type of therapy is best for autism?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

This therapy is the most-researched intervention for autism, and has been used for more than 50 years. It is a highly structured, scientific approach that teaches play, communication, self-care, academic and social living skills, and reduces problematic behaviors.

What is the most effective treatment for autism?

The most effective treatments available today are applied behavioral analysis (ABA), occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and pharmacological therapy.

What does an occupational therapist do for sensory issues?

Occupational therapists evaluate children to determine which stimuli they are sensitive to, then work with each child and his or her family to develop coping mechanisms and treatment plans.

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Is ABA the best therapy for autism?

While many therapies are used to treat people with autism, ABA therapy is considered the gold-standard treatment. It shows high rates of success in helping those on the autism spectrum to achieve more independence, improve communication and socialization abilities, and reduce negative behaviors.

Is ABA therapy only for autism?

Whether an individual is interested in learning more about ABA or is close to someone in need of the therapy, it’s important to realize that ABA is not just for autism. Many conditions can benefit from applied behavior analysis and the services of a qualified ABA therapist.

Is CBT effective for autism?

Aside from mental health issues, CBT has been proven to be effective for children and adolescents with autism.