How can you tell how many gametes a genotype can produce?

What kind of gametes can be produced by a AA genotype?

An individual with the genotype Aa can make two types of gametes: A and a. Since this is a random process, the individual will, on average, make equal numbers of each gamete. (Frequency of 1/2 for each gamete).

How many types of gametes will each parent produce?

There are two types of gametes will each parent produce and that is either recessive or dominant.

How many different kinds of gametes will be produced by a plant having the genotype Aa Bb Cc?

Explanation: A plant having genotype AABbCC will produce only two types of gametes, ABC and AbC.

Can AA and AA produce AA?

Answer and Explanation:

The cross between these parents would be Aa x aa. This can lead to two possible genotypes which are also Aa and aa. There would be a 50% chance of having children with the genotype “Aa” and a 50% chance of having children with the genotype “aa”. This would be consistent with answer choice “A”.

What are gamete genotypes?

Genotype refers to the genetic makeup, composition, or structure of a specific organism. Gamete refers to the cell. It can be a male cell. … Each gamete carries half a genotype, since each gamete (whether this is a male gamete or a female gamete) is a haploid, a single set of chromosomes.

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What is the genotype of AaBbCc?

N is the number of heterozygous gene pairs. For instance, if a genotype is AaBbCc, n will be 3. However, if the genotype is AABbCC, the n is 1. When analyzing two parents, it is easier to determine how many possible phenotypic and genotypic combinations of each gene pair, and then multiply them all together.

What are the possible gametes produced by the RR F1 individual?

The F1 individuals can produce 4 different types of gametes: TG, Tg, tG, tg. The possible phenotypes would be tall and green, tall and yellow, dwarf and green and dwarf and yellow in a 9:3:3:1 ratio.