Frequent question: What treatments are used for Turner syndrome?

Are there any treatments or cures for Turner syndrome?

There is no cure for Turner syndrome, but therapies have been developed that can improve physical development. With proper medical care, females with Turner syndrome should be able to lead full, productive lives. The primary therapies for affected individuals are growth hormone therapy and estrogen therapy.

What treatments do doctors use for Turner’s syndrome How successful are these treatments?


  • Growth hormone. For most girls, growth hormone therapy — usually given daily as injections of recombinant human growth hormone — is recommended to increase height as much as possible at appropriate times during early childhood until the early teen years. …
  • Estrogen therapy.

Are doctors working on a cure for Turner syndrome?

Doctors diagnose Turner syndrome based on symptoms and a genetic test. Sometimes it is found in prenatal testing. There is no cure for Turner syndrome, but there are some treatments for the symptoms. Growth hormone often helps girls reach heights that are close to average.

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Does Turner’s syndrome require hormone replacement?

Most girls with Turner syndrome (TS) have hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and need hormonal replacement for induction of puberty and then for maintaining secondary sex characteristics, attaining peak bone mass, and uterine growth. The optimal estrogen replacement regimen is still being studied.

Why isn’t there a cure for Turner syndrome?

Because TS is a chromosomal disorder, there’s no cure for the condition.

Is Turner syndrome life ending?

The long-term outlook ( prognosis ) for people with Turner syndrome is typically good. Life expectancy is slightly shorter than average but may be improved by addressing and treating associated chronic illnesses, such as obesity and hypertension .

What are three of the treatments for Turner’s syndrome?

What are the treatment options for Turner syndrome?

  • growth hormone therapy to increase growth rate and achieve a greater final height.
  • estrogen therapy to help develop secondary sexual characteristics.
  • progesterone therapy to help bring on a monthly menstrual cycle.

What current research is being done for Turner syndrome?

Current TS Research at Stanford

We are examining the if mosaic karyotype modifies the neurocognitive and psychosocial profiles typically seen in females with Turner syndrome. The goal of this study is to increase our understanding of the relationship between genetics, brain development and behavior.

Could Turner syndrome have been prevented?

You can’t prevent Turner syndrome. It’s a congenital problem. It happens when a random error results in a missing or incomplete X chromosome.

What famous person has Turner syndrome?

Actress Linda Hunt and gymnast Misty Marlowe, Scottish actress Janette Cranky have Turner’s syndrome.

What is the life expectancy for Turner syndrome?

TS is associated with a 3-fold increase in overall mortality and a life expectancy that is reduced by up to 13 yr (8, 9). Even after exclusion of deaths from congenital heart disease, the mortality rates remain excessive, particularly in women with 45,X monosomy.

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