Frequent question: What is the shape of acrocentric chromosome?

Is acrocentric chromosome L shaped?

The term “acro” in Greek relates to “peak”. Thus, the name acrocentric refers to the type where the centromere is near the terminal region. These chromosomes appear in the shape of the alphabet ‘J’ during metaphase.

Which chromosome is L shape?

A submetacentric chromosome is a chromosome whose centromere is located near the middle. As a result, the chromosomal arms (i.e. p and q arms) are slightly unequal in length and may also form an L-shape. A chromosome with equal chromosomal arms is termed metacentric chromosome.

What is Acrocentric centromere?

: having the centromere situated so that one chromosomal arm is much shorter than the other.

What shape would a Metacentric and a Submetacentric chromosome exhibit during the anaphase stage?

The position of the centromere affects the shape of the daughter chromosomes during anaphase. Metacentric chromosomes produce V-shaped daughter chromosomes, submetacentric appear J-shaped and acrocentric form I-shapes.

What does the telocentric chromosome looks like?

A telocentric chromosome is a chromosome whose centromere is located at one end. The centromere is located very close to the end of the chromosome that the p arms would not, or barely, be visible. A chromosome that has a centromere closer to the end than the center is described as subtelocentric.

What is Metacentric and Submetacentric chromosome?

Metacentric chromosomes have the centromere located midway between the ends of the chromosome, separating the two arms of the chromosome (Figure 1). Chromosomes with centromeres positioned visibly off-center are called submetacentric.

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