Does phenotype depend entirely on genotype?

Does phenotype depend on genotype?

The sum of an organism’s observable characteristics is their phenotype. A key difference between phenotype and genotype is that, whilst genotype is inherited from an organism’s parents, the phenotype is not. … The phenotype is influenced by the genotype and factors including: Epigenetic modifications.

What is a phenotype dependent on?

Phenotype is the observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an individual organism, determined by both genetic make-up and environmental influences, for example, height, weight and skin colour.

How is phenotype related to genotype?

Explanation: The genotype is an individual’s collection of genes. The phenotype is the expression of the genotype in a certain environment. It means that two clones, with exactly the same genotype, will not look the same (will have different phenotypes) if they are raised in different environments.

Does phenotype always indicate genotype Why?

The ratio of the genotypes that appear in offspring is called the genotypic ratio. … Explain why a phenotype might not always indicate genotype. The same phenotype would occur for a homozygous dominant and a heterozygous genotype, or a genotype may not reach its full potential due to environmental factors.

Can phenotype change without a change in genotype?

Different phenotypes can be generated without changes to the genotype through a process called Epigenetics. Epigenetics, meaning “above genes”, is the study of changes to the phenotype caused by changes in gene expression and not the alteration of the genetic code.

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Does genotype affect phenotype by providing the instructions for making proteins?

Genotype controls phenotype because genes direct the production of proteins . Proteins, in turn, dictate virtually every reaction in the cell and thus are directly responsible for observable characteristics.

What determines a genotype?

Genotype is determined by the makeup of alleles, pairs of genes responsible for particular traits. … The combination of the two, and which one is dominant, determines what trait the allele will express. Genotype simply means what alleles are carried in a particular organism’s DNA.

How does genotype determine phenotype quizlet?

How does the genotype of an organism determine its phenotype? By specifying what kinds of RNA and which structural, enzymatic, and regulatory protein molecules are produced. -Polypeptides determine phenotype by acting as structural, enzymatic, and regulatory proteins.

What factors bridge the gap between genotype and phenotype?

Disease Associated Modules Using Expression, Genotype, and Other Data. One way to start bridging the gap between genotype and phenotype is to link genetic variations or genotypic modules to phenotypic modules.