Does mitosis make a copy of DNA?

Is DNA copied in mitosis?

In mitosis, the cell splits apart to form two identical, same cells. That means that it has the same DNA and number of chromosomes as the previous cell. So, mitosis’s main function is literally DNA replication.

Does meiosis copy DNA?

Meiosis is characterized by one round of DNA replication followed by two rounds of cell division, resulting in haploid germ cells. Crossing-over of DNA results in genetic exchange of genes between maternal and paternal DNA.

What happens to the DNA during meiosis?

When recombination occurs during meiosis, the cell’s homologous chromosomes line up extremely close to one another. Then, the DNA strand within each chromosome breaks in the exact same location, leaving two free ends. Each end then crosses over into the other chromosome and forms a connection called a chiasma.

Where is the DNA copied in meiosis?

During the first stage of meiosis, each homologous pair of chromosomes line up (maternal chromosome 1 with paternal chromosome 1, and so on), duplicate themselves, and then between homologous chromosomes an exchange of DNA segments of equal length at the identical location occurs, called crossing-over or recombination.

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