Best answer: What is mitosis give an example of where in your body mitosis occurs?

Where does mitosis occur in the human body examples?

Active mitosis occurs in the skin and bone marrow, with skin cells and red blood cells that have a finite lifespan being replaced.

What are examples of mitosis in body?

One example of mitosis in the human body is the healing of scrapes or cuts. After the scab forms over the injury new skin grows underneath the scab….

Where in the human body does mitosis occur most often?

Mitosis happens at a faster rate in some areas of the body than in others, such as the dermis of the skin (because the epidermis loses skin cells daily) and areas of tissue damage caused by wounds and broken bones.

Does mitosis occur in the heart?

A new study has challenged the longstanding belief that adult ventricular myocytes are terminally differentiated cells and therefore incapable of division, by revealing that mitotic division occurs in healthy and diseased hearts.

What are 2 examples of mitosis in the body?

Examples of cells that are produced through mitosis include cells in the human body for the skin, blood, and muscles. Cells go through different phases called the cell cycle. The “normal” state of a cell is called the “interphase”. The genetic material is duplicated during the interphase stage of the cell.

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Is mitosis used in the human body?

Growth. As plants and animals age, most also grow in size. Mitosis creates the cells necessary to add more mass to the body, as well as more cells to cope with the growth, such as new blood cells. It should be noted that not all cells in the human body undergo mitosis or other forms of reproduction.

What are two situations where mitosis would take place in the human body?

Your body needs to generate more muscle cells in order to fill in those tears. So muscle cells go through mitosis, produce copies of muscle cells, and the muscle tears are filled in. Your skin is constantly going through mitosis as it generates layer after layer of fresh skin cells. Your hair does the same thing.