Best answer: How many body chromosomes do onions have?

How many Haploids do onions have?

Since the onion (Allium cepa) is a diploid organism having a haploid genome size of 15.9 Gb, it has 4.9x as much DNA as does a human genome (3.2 Gb). Other species in the genus Allium vary hugely in DNA content without changing their ploidy.

Can onion have 32 chromosomes?

Workout the number of chromosomes found in its endosperm. “The meiocyte of an onion plant contains 32 chromosomes. … Hence its gamete will have 32/2 =16 chromosomes. Therefore endosperm will have 16×3=48 chromosomes (3r).

Are onions polyploid?

The apical part of the suspected polyploid plants was used in pressing plate method to determine the number of chromosomes. Tillered onion is a diploid plant with the number of chromosomes of 2n = 2 × = 16. … The density of stomata was decreased to 50.41% of the diploids.

What is the chromosome number for the endosperm?

The endosperm mother cell has two polar nuclei so it contains a total of 8 chromosomes.

How many chromosomes are present in endosperm of rice?

Haploid number n = 12. Therefore the number of chromosomes will be n x 3 = 36 because the endosperm in angiosperms is triploid 3n as it is formed by the fusion of 2 polar nuclei n and one gamete.

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