Best answer: Do chromosomes contain protein?

Where are the proteins in a chromosome?

Chromosomal proteins are the histones around which the DNA strands are coiled to form nucleosome complex which is a small unit of the chromatin. The first level of organization, or packing, is the winding of DNA strands around histone proteins.

What are the components of a chromosome?

The major chemical components of the chromosome are DNA, RNA (nucleic acids), and proteins (histones and nonhistones). There is, in addition, calcium, which seems to be associated with the DNA (Barton, 1951, Mazia, 1954a). Calcium is important in binding sections of the chromosome together (Mazia, Steffensen, 1955).

Why do chromosomes contain proteins?

The complex of DNA and protein is called chromatin (from the Greek chroma, “color,” because of its staining properties). In addition to the proteins involved in packaging the DNA, chromosomes are also associated with many proteins required for the processes of gene expression, DNA replication, and DNA repair.

How are chromosomes and proteins?

Structural proteins help the DNA fold into the intricate configurations within the packaged chromosome. DNA in chromosomes is associated with proteins and this complex is called chromatin. … These proteins mediate DNA replication, gene expression, or represent structural proteins important in packaging the chromosomes.

What is the main constituent of chromosomes?

Each chromosome is made up of DNA tightly coiled many times around proteins called histones that support its structure.

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What is a chromosome and what does it contain?

Chromosomes are structures found in the center (nucleus) of cells that carry long pieces of DNA. DNA is the material that holds genes. It is the building block of the human body. Chromosomes also contain proteins that help DNA exist in the proper form.

How many different kinds of proteins does one cell contain?

How many different kinds of proteins does one cell contain? 12.