Best answer: Are genotypes affected by environmental factors?

How does the environment interact with genotypes?

In other words, each genotype responds similarly to the changing environment producing similar phenotypes. For all individual genotypes, average egg development time decreases with increasing temperature. The environment is influencing each of the genotypes in the same predictable manner.

What is an example of how genotype and the environment can interact?

As described above, a genotype–environment interaction occurs whenever the same environment has different influences on people’s characteristics depending on the genetic differences among those people. … For example, suppose that two parents have a genetic tendency to be very athletic.

What is active genotype environment correlation?

Active (or selective) genotype–environment correlation refers to the association between an individual’s genetic propensities and the environmental niches that individual selects.

What is environment genotype covariance?

A bivariate generalization of the genotype-environment (GE) covariation is presented. This biometrical parameter measures the relation between genotypic influences in one attribute with environmental influences in another attribute.

How does gene and environment affect each other?

Evidence supports 4 major mechanisms: genes can influence an individual’s response to environmental stress, genes may enhance an individual’s sensitivity to both favorable and adverse environments, inherited characteristics may better fit with some environments than with others, and inherited capabilities may only …

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Which of the following is an example of a shared environmental influence?

Examples of shared environmental factors include parental child-rearing style, divorce, or family income and related variables. Compare nonshared environment.

What environmental factors affect phenotype?

Similarly, drugs, chemicals, temperature, and light are among the external environmental factors that can determine which genes are turned on and off, thereby influencing the way an organism develops and functions.

What environmental factors affect DNA methylation?

DNA methylation can be influenced by environmental factors such as diet, hormones, stress, drugs, or exposure to environmental chemicals, suggesting that environmental factors may contribute to adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes of relevance to ASD via effects on DNA methylation in the developing brain.