Are chromosomes in the nucleus or nucleolus?

Do chromosomes stay in the nucleus?

Chromosomes remain condensed throughout the various stages of mitosis (2-5). Eukaryotes typically possess multiple pairs of linear chromosomes, all of which are contained in the cellular nucleus, and these chromosomes have characteristic and changeable forms. … (Recall that prokaryotic cells do not possess a nucleus.)

Are chromosomes in the nucleus or nucleolus?

Chromosomes are structures within the nucleus that are made up of DNA, the hereditary material.

Which of the following is not present inside the nucleus?

Electron is not present in the nucleus of an atom.

What is the function of the nucleus?

The nucleus controls and regulates the activities of the cell (e.g., growth and metabolism) and carries the genes, structures that contain the hereditary information. Nucleoli are small bodies often seen within the nucleus.

Is mRNA made in the nucleolus?

Ribosomal proteins are NOT made in the nucleolus. … Messenger RNA for ribosomal proteins is made in the nucleus using polymerase II (see below) and exported to the cytoplasm, as for any other mRNA.

What is nucleolus and give its role?

The nucleolus is an organelle in the nucleus that plays a key role in the transcription and processing of ribosomal RNA (rRNA).

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